The very nature of Ralph Bristow’s landscape and design work is inspired by the individuality of his clients and the uniqueness of each site – big or small.





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The Barwitian Garden
Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 April 2022
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Ralph Bristow in his garden at Barwite
Approaching every design as if it were a blank canvas, Ralph’s Garden designs are dynamic in nature and intuitively conceived to be celebrated, relevant, practical, revealing, delightful and above all enjoyable year-round.

The inspiration behind all of his garden designs is the natural world and the raw, diverse beauty found within it. His extensive knowledge of plants – in addition to resilient design skills – aid in ensuring the unique vision of every client becomes a reality whether the site is a courtyard or a large rural garden.

The gardens themselves are integrated seamlessly into the landscape. Ralph uses the landscape, together with practical integrations and lifestyle to enhance and complement all his projects. The land is used to the advantage of the garden, and wherever possible, capitalising on natural resources, seasons, and local conditions. He works extensively with creative combinations, striking a balance between perennials, natives, shrubs, grasses, trees, and hardscape elements.

Within each of Ralph’s inspiring gardens exists a complex layering of plants, an inciteful sensitivity to the surrounds both natural and manufactured all while designed to reveal itself at differing times, ensuring a garden that celebrates every season.

Ralph is available for consultations, landscape and garden design.



Garden Design

  • Initial consultation with a site visit to develop a brief. Discuss broad concepts, needs, and scope of work. Getting to know each other and your garden.
  • Concept drawing is then created and discussed with the client. Showing layout of materials, structures, garden beds and trees. Honing the design toward a final garden design.
  • Once this stage is complete we then move on to a final design with a plant schedule and a finalised drawing of the garden.
  • Ralph can also oversee the project and liaise with relevant tradesmen.
Costs are determined by time and location.


Plant Consultancy


If you have an established or new garden that needs some restoration, fresh energy and interest put into it,  then a consultation meeting may be the choice for you.

Ralph will meet with you and discuss what plants can be utilised specifically for your garden, he will advise on what can be added or edited. You would then receive a plant list based on our discussion.

Ralph will quote, supply the plants and assist with placing/planting. His expertise and access to plant growers/resources save you the hassle, time, and money. Maintenance expectations and requirements are also discussed.


Please contact Ralph at 0417 987 532  or email to enquire about how he can best help you.